Top 5 reasons to work at Darphin

  1. At Darphin the uncompromising attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. We begin with the finest ingredients - with no compromises to quality or cost. And like a connoisseur of fine wine, we craft our formulas according to tradition - obeying the subtle laws of physics and chemistry. 
  2. It's often said that Darphin skincare experts have magic fingers. They are extensively trained in modelling and application techniques, and have studied the art of formulation for the perfect recommendation.
  3. We continue the tradition that Pierre Darphin began…..it’s all about the client…the perfect consultation, the art of recommendation and a sensorial Journey to beautiful skin.
  4. We believe that the best investment in our success is the investment in our People.  We reward and recogniseachievement throughout the year with a programme of special incentives as well as on-going support for career development. 
  5. We offer on-going education and development through a diverse and comprehensive menu of programmes from essential skill development to specialised expertise such advanced skincare and counter management.